If you are a researcher interested in requesting samples from the Biobank, please visit the Storefront for detailed numbers.

Sample Types

  • Fresh snap frozen tissue

  • Paraffin-embedded tissue blocks

  • DNA (2 mcg/vial)

  • Skin fibroblasts

  • Lymphoblasts

  • Serum/plasma (for biomarker study)

  • Whole blood for RNA extraction

Inventory numbers for DNA, tissue & skin indicate total number of cases. Inventory numbers of tissue represent number of specimens. Additional selection criteria may reduce the total number of available samples.

Tissues samples include ventricular, thymus, atrial, vascular, and other/unclassified myocardial tissue samples, excluding duplicate samples.

Sample/Data Request

Access to patient samples and clinical information involves an efficient approval process developed and implemented by the Steering and Tissue Allocation Committee to encourage use of biospecimens to support the research projects of qualified investigators within an ethically and scientifically sound framework.


1. Submit Project Intake Form
1.1 If samples/data are available, you will be notified via email with a link to:

2. Submit full Sample/Data Request Application
2.1 Sample/Data Request Application triaged by internal staff for assessment of impact on inventory and resources (low, medium, high)
2.2 After internal staff assessment, it is time for:

3. Tissue Allocation Committee Review
3.1 If approved by the Tissue Allocation Committee you will be notified of the results
3.2 External Site Requests: Initiation of Material Transfer Agreement will commence prior to sample release (~4 weeks)

4. Internal staff to review samples/data for QC before release

5. Sample/data released

6. Project progress reports from investigator: 2 times a year for 5 years/until project is completed

*Turn-around time from Intake form to sample release: 8-12 weeks if REB/MTA is in place.